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Patient Experiences at Hembree Chiropractic

Here are just a few stories of some of the people who have been helped by Dr. Sean Hembree at Hembree Chiropractic.

A patient came to us after being involved in a car accident. She had been seeing another practitioner for 3 months prior with no results and came to me for a second opinion. After a few weeks of our care, she improved tremendously. We are still working on restoring her back to her maximum capability, but she is making great progress.

A patient came to us because she was having severe low back pain and hip pain. She was having difficulty walking and was limping because of it. After her first adjustment and therapy, she felt tremendous relief and was able to walk easily. She left with a smile on her face, graciously thanking us for our care.

A young gentleman sought care because of headaches he was experiencing. He had one during his visit. He was adjusted and got instant relief during his visit.

A young woman sought care because of back and neck pain. She was also experiencing numbness to one side of her face. After being treated, she had relief from her back and neck pain and the sensation in her face restored.

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