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Chiropractic Care

If you are new to chiropractic care, you may be unsure as to what to expect. Rest assured that we will do our best to put you at ease at Hembree Chiropractic. Dr. Hembree is kind and compassionate and will help you feel entirely comfortable during every visit to our office.

Chiropractic adjustments reduce pain, increase the range of motion and improve function by applying a specific, light, controlled force to a joint to restore its proper alignment. By removing undue pressure from misalignment caused by accidents, stress, overexertion, improper lifting, etc., the chiropractic adjustment promotes a healthy nervous system and unleashes the body’s natural ability to heal.

What Is That Popping Sound?

Many people have said that they were unwilling to try chiropractic care because of the “popping” noise during a chiropractic adjustment. The popping sound isn’t the bone popping but is simply a release of air in the joints. It is no different than popping your knuckles. That too is a buildup of air in the joints.

However, when we use some of our low-force techniques, you will not hear any popping. Adjustments should take only a few minutes and be painless. However, if your muscles are inflamed, you may experience some soreness or stiffness afterward.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

We love that chiropractic is natural, safe and effective. You’ll also love it for its many benefits:

  • Relieves pain (headaches, back pain, neck pain, sciatic pain and more)
  • Enhances sleep
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves overall wellness

Our Techniques and Therapies


We feature an array of chiropractic techniques including manual hands-on adjustments (Diversified, sometimes using a Drop Table) and instrument-assisted ones (Activator Methods® and ArthroStim®). Our low-force techniques, which also include Specific Prone Technique, are ideal for children, seniors and anyone who doesn’t want to hear an audible noise during the adjustment.

Dr. Hembree will tailor the adjustment to meet your specific needs. “I focus on open communication with our patients so we can provide the best approach to help meet their individual needs and goals.”


One of our primary therapies is electrical muscle stimulation (stim), a light electrical impulse with electrodes hooked up to a machine. We apply electrodes with pads onto the affected area to help bring healing and decrease pain. Cryotherapy (cold packs) and cold laser therapy are also available. Cold laser is a fantastic, state-of-the-art way to provide deep tissue healing and pain relief.

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